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Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

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Amazing message but that older lady better not be baking naked. I’ve done that and some close calls are too close.

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Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow

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Just so everyone is aware, there is a bunch of misleading info being spread around re: ALS research - the “27%” figure is based on previous years’ annual funding; furthermore, the remainder goes to improving the quality of life of those suffering from ALS. Given that the annual funding is approximately 16M, that’s just over 4M spent on decreasing their suffering. It isn’t greed, it’s a lack of money.”

Shut up already.

The ALS Association has a 4-star rating from Charity Watchdog. 

And the next time you start to complain about a charity either a) working on multiple fronts (because that’s what ALSA does—both seeking a cure and helping people suffering now) or b) daring to have administration expenses—let’s see how long you can last, much less tackle a cause, without printer paper and an internet connection. 

There is a box to check if you want your donation to go solely to research.  I know this because I donated today after my niece challenged me and tossed ice water on me.

This is a perfect example of cynical people looking for a problem.

Yeah all of this is misleading cynical bullshit. Quite frankly I’m sick to death of that attitude. 

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"Asian actors with no accents. Black actors with British accents. British plays with people of color in roles other than housekeepers. Women in lead roles where they don’t fawn over any men. Latino actors in lead roles where they don’t have to be downtrodden. Gays and lesbians in lead roles where they don’t have to cry. South Asian and Middle Eastern actors in lead roles not about terrorism."


Qui Nguyen, on what off-Broadway needs now (via fuckyeahgreatplays)

And Hollywood too

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fucking yeeeessss

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  • Question: hi, i'm sorry if this has been asked but in your powerpoint you said that the tumblr sj community is guilty of antisemitism. what kind of things has it done? also, i love your blog! - Anonymous
  • Answer:






    I’ll take this one since I’m the blog’s resident Jew.  Oy vey, where do I start…

    • SJ community loves to police Jewish identity and silence actual Jews when they talk about their own identities.  This usually happens in context of either “Are Jews White?” or “Jewishness is just a religion” conversations.  In reality, Jews are an ethnoreligious group that ethnically originated in the middle east, and while some ethnic Jews have light skin, it’s actually due to centuries of forced assimilation in European and Slavic countries through rape, which is a big reason why Jewishness is matrilineal.  Furthermore, there exist Jews who do not look white at all.  There are black, brown, and asian Jews who are all ethnically Jewish, and these conversations erase them.
    • "Jewish privilege".  Fact: It’s not a thing.  It’s actually a very common anti-semitic trope that says that Jews run everything so they are not oppressed.  Jews are oppressed, and face anti-semitic violence.
    • "Anti-semitism is not just about Jews, there are other semitic people." While yea, there are other semitic people, the term "anti-semitism" was created by Germans in the 19th century to refer specifically to the hatred of Jews because it sounded more scientific.
    • Blaming anti-semitic violence in Europe on the actions of Israel.  I see this literally every single day on this site, and it’s very upsetting.  Jews that live in the diaspora are not responsible for Israel’s actions, and especially should not be suffering at the hands of white people in Europe under the guise of anti-zionism.  
    • Finally, and this is a big pet peeve of mine.  The only people I ever see reblogging posts about anti-semitism are other Jews.  Even a lot of my non-Jewish followers will reblog posts about racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. but ignore posts about anti-semitism, and that as a Jew makes me feel unsafe. 

    That’s enough for now.  If you’re interested in learning more about Jewish identity and anti-semitism, you are welcome to check out my personal blog: yochevedke.  I discuss that stuff a lot.  


    Another Jew reblogging about anti-semitism. I’ve seen some increase in concern about this from goyim, but it’s been slow going. Hopefully we’ll pick up a big head of steam soon.

    The only people I ever see reblogging posts about anti-semitism are other Jews. Even a lot of my non-Jewish followers will reblog posts about racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. but ignore posts about anti-semitism, and that as a Jew makes me feel unsafe.”

    The number of anti-semitic statements I have heard or read over the years is pretty mindblowing, for the record.

    Starting when I was in elementary school, and a kid I knew was spouting off crap that, with the benefit of an adult’s hindsight, came pretty close to accusations of blood libel, which she somehow got from the teachings of her church. This was in the 1980s, so the Shoah was only 40 or so years in the past. 

    Most of what I have heard and seen is less extreme than that, but less extreme doesn’t mean non-existent, nor does it mean not harmful.

    For the record, I’m not Jewish. I will not tolerate anti-semitism. I apologize in advance to my friends (many of whom I know are scared to even talk about how this shit affects them at this point) who are if I don’t see it (I have a lot of keywords blocked for mental health reasons), and am not there to have your back before it slaps you in the face. 

    In high school my friends church put on a Passover and she invited me because I haven’t had a proper Passover since my grandparents moved away. For like 80% of it it was fun and awesome and they had yummy food and my friend and I enjoyed ourselves and talked with the other people around us and I gleefully told stories about my Jewish family. And then, suddenly, at the end of the night, my friend’s pastor started spouting off some seriously anti-semitic stuff. My friend and I were horrified, and we snuck out as quickly as possible. She apologized profusely and she honestly had no idea (she also stopped going to church entirely). I was terrified for the short time we were in there, surrounded by these people who I had just told my family is Jewish now solemnly listening to their pastor talk about how all Jewish people are “wrong and will go to hell if they don’t repent their sinful ways”. 

    My husband is Jewish through his mother but non practicing and it’s shown me some messed up stuff. People can get mean when they are faced with even a little Judaism.

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Sweet giveaway

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Buzzfeed: “17 Black Women Who Deserve their own Biopics”

Not enough roles for black women in Hollywood? Let’s make some!

1. Thandie Newton/Alice Walker, 2. Amber Riley/Aretha Franklin, 3. Kerry Washington/Vonetta McGee, 4. Lupita Nyong’o/Grace Jones, 5. Mo’Nique/Hattie McDaniel, 6. Oprah Winfrey/Mary McLeod Bethune, 7. Regina Hall/Moms Mabley, 8. Teyonah Parris/Assata Shakur, 9. Viola Davis/Shirley Chisholm, 10. Jurnee Smollett/Eartha Kitt

Somebody has to write the scripts first! But I LOVE this list. So much!

I would love to see all these movies. Please, universe, make it happen

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