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this story always fascinates/terrifies me

imagine noticing your food going missing, setting up a webcam expecting to see like a cat or a raccoon or something, only to see a grown ass woman crawl out of your closet like something from the Ring and then crawl straight back in again

that closet which, as you view the footage on your laptop, stands about a foot away from you at this moment

Id be having a heart attack

nah that hoe gotta pay me some rent or something


How does this shit happen? Don’t you use that closet? Don’t you check your house when you come home and its late?

Lack of situational awareness doesn’t even BEGIN to describe this.

How does he never look in that closet?  You’re more aware of how many gogurts you’ve had but not if someone is living in your closet?  Surely she used the bathroom occasionally.

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oh my god oh my GOD

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I think I understand Quidditch more than I understand football.

I know I understand quidditch more than I understand football.

See, I’m not even sure which football you’re talking about.

Don’t have that problem with quidditch.

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John Mulaney | The Salt & Pepper Diner



This is one of the best pieces of comedy that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. I love this. I have been looking for this online for awhile.

This is my favorite story ever and I will reblog it every time I see it.

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Marauders Era Dreamcast

Rinko Kikuchi as James Potter
Rinko Kikuchi as Remus Lupin
Rinko Kikuchi as Sirius Black
Rinko Kikuchi as Peter Pettigrew
Rinko Kikuchi as Lily Evans
Rinko Kikuchi as Severus Snape

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  • Question: what about a NYC wizarding school it would be extremely diverse and the muggleborns would introduce the others to things like broadway and starbucks like they literally have all of manhattan at their disposal i wanna go here - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    Really really really no offence intended to anyone from NYC, but I’ve already made two posts about the States with another one in the works. I am not gonna put four schools in one country lol.

    I don’t think NYC would be very good for a wizarding school anyway. Too many muggles and all the electronics in the area would be unusable. People would notice. There are better places in the Midwest for a school if there was to be one.

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I never realized how much I missed tormenting the Avatar.

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Alright I’m gonna talk about this for a second because I think it’s really important. I have heard a lot of people criticize Daisy for being a dumb character; “a bauble of a woman” I think one review called her when the movie came out this summer. And I’ve always felt confused when people say that, because I never thought Daisy was stupid. Vain, selfish, and indecisive, yes, but never stupid, and a lot of my reasoning for that belief came from this line . “I hope she’ll be a fool,” she says, because she is NOT a fool. Daisy sees the world for what it is (which is something Gatsby could never do, by the way) and that’s why everything is so hard for her. She understands what are actually the themes of the novel: that sometimes your dreams die and that those things you value are actually not valuable. That’s what she learned after Gatsby left and she entered a loveless marriage with a horrible man, which is a difficult thing to experience even if you are an idiot. But she never wants anyone to have to experience those things the way she’s experienced them, or to learn what she believed was the horrible truth of 1920s America; she’d much rather pretend that everything was okay, so that’s exactly what she does. She just pretends. Daisy is a lot of things, but a fool is not one of them.

how many high school kids do you think copied and pasted that into their essay for their english class

My favorite Fitzgerald line and it was from Zelda.

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Steve Rogers was bullied his whole life. When he was given power, he used every bit of it and dedicated himself to destroying Hydra and saving the world.

Grant Ward was bullied his whole life. When he was given power, he used it to take advantage of people, kill people, and help Hydra take over the world.

There is a difference between hero and villain, and this is it.

Can we mention that Ward is from an influential and presumably wealthy family as well? He had every opportunity in the world. While I believe that his family was terrible(monstrous even?), he still could’ve found some way of life’s that wasn’t filled with arson and Nazism.

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